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Cybersecurity Program Scoping
Cybersecurity Program Scoping

Cybersecurity Program Scoping

For partners that don't have a solid top-down, risk-based approach, haven't established clear governance, perhaps looking to pursue ISO 27001 certification or conformance to another framework or compliance requirement, our Vision + Traction (scoping) exercise is the right place to start.  Or to start anew.


A one hour, professionally facilitated Q&A session with one of our 20+ year cybersecurity vets. This is a Q&A format, so there is no need for you to prepare.



During the one hour session, we will discuss your stakeholder audience and interested parties, while also setting the stage for meeting Leadership & Commitment requirements from the various frameworks and compliance regulations. We also discuss and document internal and external program drivers, and your vision for the cybersecurity program. We'll also prescribe cybersecurity programs, OKRs, and/or KPIs that you can use as you see fit.




The deliverable is a custom PowerPoint presentation you can then use to communicate your cybersecurity program strategy to any audience, paving the way to allow time to build the right system. The deliverable is usually completed within 2 business days.


You'll be happy to hear that this is highly prescriptive, as there is no reason for you to re-invent the wheel, rather, you can lean on our 20+ years of experience in this area. The Vision + Traction exercise provides you and the other members of your business with clarity by answering the "W" questions, speaking the language of your business leaders, not your technical staff.


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