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Securadin's Glossary of Terms

When an organization is faced with having to work to increase the protection of its information and data, there is a lot of unknown terms and words.  It can be overwhelming, frustrating, confusing...  Any verb you can think of.  That's why Securadin's team decided it was important to create a glossary of terms and definitions. 


If you come across a word or term during any part of the process for your organization that you do not recognize and it is not in the glossary - let us know! We will be delighted to explain the term to you and add it to our glossary.

Whether we are assisting you with awareness, gap assessment, ISMS, ISO 27001:2022 - whatever it may be, please do not hesitate to ask if we use a term, phrase, or abbreviation you are unsure of. Securadin believes in empowering each other through education.


Remember, for Securadin, your success is our success.

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