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Audit Program

A cybersecurity audit program is a systematic and independent evaluation of an organization's information security practices, policies, and controls. The goal of a cybersecurity audit is to create awareness, identify any vulnerabilities or weaknesses in an organization's cybersecurity and/or compliance pprogram then to identify measures to improve the organization's overall cybersecurity posture.

Audit Program


At Securadin, we do audits a little different. We operationalize under the motto, “A bad dress rehearsal makes a fantastic opening night.”


Before embarking down the costly road of audition, it is important for organizations to first understand what types of audits there are. So, what type of ISO audits are there? Well, according to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), there are three major ISO audit types:


  1. First Party Audit - Also referred to as an internal audit. Ideally, these audits are typically carried out internally by an organization’s employees (trained to carry out internal audits) or, if an organization does not have the internal resources, they may be carried out on your behalf by an external company.

  2. Second Party Audit - Also known as an audit, a retailer, or vendor. Such audits are typically carried out with the company's lead auditors and are structured to ensure that the businesses that provide an organization with products/services do what they say they do. Again, if you do not have the internal resources, these audits may be done by an external firm.

  3. Third Party Audit - Also referred to as an audit of certification. These audits are often carried out by an inspector from the Certification Body. These audits are for the purpose of obtaining certification from a recognized body according to the applicable ISO standard. The third-party audit ISO auditors have to abide by a specific set of rules set forth by, but not limited to: ISO 27006, ISO 17021, and ISO 19011.

Securadin will provide a first and/or second party audit. However we differentiate our audits by performing an audit of 100% of the controls in scope for your organization, while abiding by the rules set forth by a third party, or otherwise known as a certification audit. This means that your organization goes through the rigor of a certification audit prior to the actual activity. Securadin will use a team with well more than 15 years of industry experience. We will not read off of a script or checklist, we will test meaningful metrics while providing your organization with actionable intelligence.

ISO ISMS compliance risk assessment gap assessment

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