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100% Success Rate

Have you ever heard of such a thing?


We are so confident in our people, experience, and knowledge that we guarantee the success rate of your ISO 27001 certification.  Our team has spent countless hours in training, earning certifications, and performing audits. With this extensive background, we are able to confidently say we guarantee our work.

What does this guarantee mean for your organization?

You may be thinking, "It's great to have faith in your team and you guarantee your work. But what does that mean for MY organization?"  Well, it means that if by some odd chance your organization does not pass the ISO 27001 certification after working with our team, we will rectify the errors. We will work closely with your organization to ensure the next attempt is a success.


Has this ever happened?

Not once! Out of all of the years of experience our team has, there has never been an instance where an organization has failed their ISO 27001 certification. That's why we are so confident, and guarantee our work!

Well, what's next?

With the constant changes with governance and regulations, it might be time for your organization to gain the ISO/IEC 27001:2022 certification. Securadin would be delighted to help you!  Let's connect and see where your organization is starting at and where you need to go.


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